Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Service Provider


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling yourself as a user of the Website W.W.W.jewelbazar.net and its allied App operated by M/S Ever lustre India LLP, on line Platform service provider.

By accessing to and use of the website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. Website provider is providing on line Platform to promote the website user’s business subject to terms and conditions setting the standards of conduct.


“Service Provider “is M/S Ever Lustre India LLP and Website owner.

“Website User “is Customer to the Service Provider.

Duration and Tenure:

Access is provided and permitted only for a limited period of 12 months from the date of inception, enrolment and registration. It expires and gets terminated by efflux of time. It is for a limited period only. Renewal is treated as a fresh entry for another similar period.

Subscription: The Website user shall pay an annual fee,to the Service Provider besides GST payable to Govt and other incidental taxable charges, and Website user under B2C shall have to pay Transaction Charges plus GST on Transaction Charges in accordance to the the category of the product sold, the Transaction Fee Tariff for the same will be provided to the user at the time of Registration.


For enrolling and registering, the user mandatorily should disclose his/her business identity to ensure the genuineness of the business in a folder as to

  1. Income tax PAN No. with a copy of the income tax returns of the previous taxable year.
  2. GSTIN no of the business.
  3. Professional tax particulars payable to Local Body with receipt,
  4. Bank Statement for the last 30 days of running business.
  5. Incorporation Certificate issued by ROC if the user is a LLP/Private Limited/Public Limited Company
  6. Copy of the partnership deed in case of partnership concern.

ln the disclosure column of the application.

Limit and Liability:

  1. The website user is confined to his/her business only for the promotion of sale of jewels, silver, diamond & platinum and allied products and shall not use the website for another purpose
  2. The user shall not misuse the website than the intended purpose, if done the same will not bind the service provider with any liability as the usage is very much limited to its purpose.
  3. The website shall not be used for user’s personal communication with others which will be in derogation of the rights of the service provider and defamatory as it is not social media. User alone takes the responsibility of the pros and cons.
  4. In case of imposture, the user of the website shall indemnify the service provider to ensure the safety of the latter’s business and for all violations.
  5. In case of damages imposed to the service provider on account of your default, the User shall reimburse the service provider,
  6. The Service Provider reserves its right to revoke the licence and delete the participation and usage of the website if any malpractice of the user is found.
  7. The Service Provider reserves its Intellectual Property Rights which is also implied in Law.
  8. The Service Provider shall not be questioned for any claim to be made against the website users.
  9. The Service Provider has every right to suspend, terminate and disconnect the usage on detection of violations.


  1. Whenever the website user is sharing information with people that they actively use or follow it will be “USE AT YOUR RISK” so that the Service provider can’t be held liable.
  2. Readers of the website are informed that “any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk”.
  3. The Service provider shall not be held responsible for any misconduct, substandard articles if promoted and negligence by the website users.
  4. To keep the Web Provider’s business from being held responsible for things like damage that arise from using the website as“NO RESPONSIBILITY” disclaimer is herein well ear marked and established.


In the case of any dispute only the Courts of Chennai, India will have Jurisdiction.

Privacy policy:

The Service Provider has no direct relationship with website user’s customer.